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SHINNIE - Accusation - Out now !  **[Listen on YouTube]**

SHINNIE - Orbit (Radio Edit) out now - **[Listen on YouTube]**


The latest festival theme from ARSCO, Simple A Music Group & Tripbox Records

Visiongraphy is an exhilarating 2-night music festival set to take place in Istanbul, Türkiye. This global gathering will unite music lovers from across the world to experience cutting-edge electronic, hip-hop, and rock performances on multiple stages. Held in Istanbul, Visiongraphy will transform the city into a pulsing hub of musical innovation and cultural exchange. The festival grounds will come alive with state-of-the-art lighting, captivating visual displays, and the electrifying energy of thousands of fans.

From pulsing techno to hard-hitting hip-hop and anthemic rock, the eclectic lineup will showcase the genre-bending sounds shaping the future of music. Attendees can expect to discover emerging artists alongside celebrated icons, all united in their passion for pushing creative boundaries.

Beyond the music, Visiongraphy will offer an immersive experience with diverse food vendors, innovative art installations, and engaging panel discussions touching on the intersection of music, technology, and social change. Whether you're a seasoned festival-goer or a newcomer to the global music scene, Visiongraphy promises unforgettable nights of musical exploration, cultural celebration, and community connection in the vibrant city of Istanbul.

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2k views on YouTube in less than a month **SHINNIE - De-size (Radio Edit)** - **Watch the video on YouTube**

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SHINNIE - De-size (Radio Edit) - listen HERE

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (SHINNIE Live Remake) - listen HERE

Matt Lange - It Gets Better (SHINNIE Remix) - listen HERE

SHINNIE - Orbit (Radio Edit) out now - **[Watch on YouTube]**

Experience the Hypnotic Rhythms of "Sensa"

Get ready to hit the dance floor! Our latest single "Sensa" has arrived on Tripbox Records, blending the driving energy of progressive trance and techno to create an irresistible club anthem. 

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What do you think is the most important and less talked about topic of today's music industry? And why? Please elaborate 

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Producer Set: SHINNIE Producer Set September 2023

SHINNIE's productions have been generating major buzz online, with his tracks receiving glowing praise from fellow DJs and racking up hundreds of views daily on YouTube. His recent remix of the Michael Jackson classic "Billie Jean" has been particularly well-received, blending the legendary song's iconic melodies with SHINNIE's signature driving basslines and soaring synths.

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Machines Don't Dream Weekly Mix - Episode 037 - listen HERE

SHINNIE, United Rockstars - Defense Mechanics - listen HERE

SHINNIE Live from Tripbox Records HQ - watch HERE

SHINNIE, United Rockstars - Showdown - listen HERE

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